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Terrorist Organisation PKK and Armenian-Greek Relations

Changing their tactics after the '80s as they encountered adverse reactions from the world. Now, it was time for the PKK to carry on the mission. Their first terrorist act started at Eruh and Semdimli in 1984 while the ASALA-Armenian terror receded to the background. Some of the tangible proofs of the ties between Armenians and PKK are the following:

The terrorist organisation PKK announced the period from 21 to 28 April 1980 as the "Red Week" and started to organise meetings on April 24 as the anniversary of the alleged genocide against Armenians.

The PKK and ASALA terror organisations held a joint press conference on 8 April 1980 at the City of Sidon in Lebanon where they issued a declaration. Since this drew a considerable reaction, they decided that their relations should be maintained on a clandestine basis. The responsibility of the attacks launched against the Turkish Consulate General in Strasbourg on 9 November 1980 and the Turkish Airline office in Rome on 19 November 1980 were undertaken jointly by the ASALA and PKK.

Abdullah Öcalan, leader of the separatist terror organisation, was elected to the honorary membership of the Armenian Authors' Association for "his contributions to the idea of Greater Armenia."

An agreement was concluded between the separatist terror organisation PKK and Armenians in 1987. Following are the highlights of this agreement:

1. Armenians will be involved in training activities within the PKK terror organisation.
2. Five thousand American Dollars per annum will be paid to the PKK terror organisation per capita by the Armenian side.
3. The Armenians will participate in the small-scale operations.

As the Armenian component began to acquire a significantly elevated position within the organisation as a result of this agreement, the following resolutions were adopted in a meeting held on 18 April 1990 with a person named Hermes Samurai, reported to be the official responsible for the 

PKK-ASALA relations:
1. The PKK and ASALA terrorist organisations will be under a joint command from that date on.
2. The Armenians will undertake intelligence work on the Turkish security forces.
3. Territories gained through the expected revolution will be equally shared between the parties.
4. Seventy-five percent of training camp expenses will be borne by the Armenians.
5. Operations will be conducted at the metropolitan cities in Turkey.

The terrorist organisation PKK that moved its bases into Northern Iraq after because of very heavy blows dealt in the transborder operations and lost all possibilities of sheltering there is known to have entered into arrangements for shifting some of its cadres to Iran and Armenia where it started an active subversive operation toward Turkey.

Holdwater: Greece, too, was a supporter of the PKK... although she kept denying the fact in typical Greek fashion. (Until the embarrassing moment when Greece got caught with her pants down, in the last hours before Abdullah Öcalan was captured. Then the rampaging Kurds in Europe mainly targeted Greek embassies in the next few days, because they must have felt the Greeks let them down.

These anti-Turkish groups are all working in collusion. This is why, among arguments for the Armenian "Genocide," the argument for the "genocide" against the Kurds is never far behind. (Turkey's beef was not with the country's Kurds... but the terrorist group, PKK, which only pretended to speak for the Kurds.) Meanwhile, the lazy-thinking and prejudiced West buys these sob stories almost automatically, so perfectly cast has Turkey been in the role of the "villain." (Even the West had to belatedly recognize the PKK as a terror group, however... very belatedly.)

Woman held hostage by Armenian terrorists in Paris' Turkish embassy, Sept. 24, 1981

Murdered Turkish Diplomats

It's heartbreaking that the deaths of these innocents murdered by Armenian terrorists in the 1970s and 80s were generally dismissed in the press of the nations the murders took place. Most of the killers got away with their crimes... and as far as the few who got caught: While none of the assassins walked away scot free as did Soghoman Tehlirian (the Armenian gunman who assassinated Talat Pasha in 1921), it's shocking that some of them received lenient treatment and/or relatively light sentences.

In America, the elderly Armenian who murdered two Turkish diplomats was paroled (on the order of the then California governor, George Deukmejian... they sure stick together, the Armenians) after serving only eleven years in prison. Eleven years for the taking of not one, but TWO lives. In Switzerland, a Lebanese-Armenian got just fifteen years for the snuffing out of a person's whole life. Armenian butt-kissing France doled out an unbelievable seven year prison term to four Armenian terrorists who took hostage 56 Turkish officials, wounded the consul general, and  killed the security guard.

ASALA is not finished. Armed terrorist operations turned to PKK. 
Killled seven sniper PKK terrorists appeared to be Armenians. 

Asala bitmedi. Silahlı terör hareketi, PKK’ya dönüştü. 
Öldürülen PKK'lılar 7 keskin nişancı Ermeni ordusunda komando çıktı.


The PKK, like IRA, is a terrorist organization, SUPPORTED MATERIALLY BY THE GREEKS AND ARMENIANS, with the stated objective of destabilizing Turkey. It has so far assassinated over 10,000 people in Turkey. 
It has no justifiable claim to represent the Kurdish people.

Most Kurds are integrated into Turkish society. About one-third of the Turkish Parliament is of Kurdish origin. This illustrates the absence of discrimination.

  ...If any genocide or ethnic cleansing has taken place, this has always been carried out by the Greeks

As for Cyprus, if any genocide or ethnic cleansing has taken place, this has always been carried out by the Greeks. The abortive coup of 1974, organized by EOKA and Greek colonels, aimed at elimination of the Turkish Cypriots from the Island. Turkey intervened to protect them and prevent Enosis. Since that date, the island has been peaceful and free of bloodshed.

Turkey has consistently supported a fair and reasonable settlement on Cyprus, but one that gives the Turkish Cypriots a secure future and equal political and social status with the Greek Cypriots.

The real problem between Greece and Turkey is Greece's reluctance to give up its Megali idea, that is, the recovery of the territories occupied by the Byzantine Empire, which finally fell to the Turks in 1453. All the many conflicts between Greece and Turkey over the past two centuries have been initiated by Greece. Your correspondent's reference to bloodied Turkish history is therefore clearly wrong, except in the fact that in the past three Greek-initiated conflicts, the Turks gave the Greeks a severe hiding, which partly accounts for the large fall in numbers of Greeks in present-day Turkey.

Regarding persecution. the Ottomans had one of the most tolerant policies towards non-Turks of any empire of its day. The three communities of Jews, Greeks and Armenians were virtually autonomous within the empire.

P. F. Peters
Former Australian Ambassador to Turkey
(The Australian, June 9th, 1994) -link

Holdwater: Not long ago, seduced by what may or may not be European Union economic advantages, the Cypriot Turks voted for reunification. The Greek Cypriots, who evidently want to remain a community removed, voted against it. The Cypriot Turks were promised goodies if they went along with the plan, but once they dumbly went along — the new generation unaware that the Greeks would soon be up to their old violent tricks once gaining the upper hand— the anti-Turkish West reneged on their promises. North Cyprus remains as estranged as ever... - link

1993’ten beri Interpol tarafından aranmasına rağmen, Avrupa Parlamentosu’na ’konuşmacı’ olarak katılan, basın toplantısı düzenleyen PKK temsilcisi Ahmet Gülabi Dere’nin ’ikamet belgesi’ne ulaştı.2010’a kadar geçerli olduğu için Dere’yi AB toprakları içinde koruyan belge, Yunanistan tarafından verilmiş.
’Kollanan’ ne ilk ne sonuncu PKK’lı...

"Bizim toprağımız Ruslar tarafından işgal edildiğinde, birçok Kırım Türkü Osmanlı toprağına göç etmeye mecbur kaldı. Bir gemi insan İstanbul’a gelmiş, oradan da padişahın emriyle Kıbrıs’a gönderilmiş. O gemide 150 aile varmış. Onların nesilleri binlerce oldu. Türkiye'ye sarılın yoksa Kırım Tatarlarının akıbetine uğrarsınız " Abdülcemil Kırımoğlu/Kırım.... - link